Waraukado / Fukukitaru Racing Syndicate

Racing syndicates are very well regulated and supervised in Japan and Waraukado/Fukukitaru is fortunate to have become only the 22nd racing club ever ratified in the entire history of JRA racing. It offers everyone, local or foreigner, a gateway to profitable racehorse ownership in Japan.

We currently have three 3-year-olds and six 2-year-olds syndicated in the club. Total price of syndicated horses varies from 10 million JPY (approximate 90,000 USD) to 90 million JPY (approximate 810,360 USD). Currently, each racehorse syndicate is divided into 500 shares. Investors can buy a share of a racehorse from as little as 20,000 JPY (approximate 180 USD) to as much as 180,000 JPY (approximate 1,620 USD). We will be offering shares in a further 8 yearlings this autumn.